About Us:

Franco Landscaping has been in the gardening business since 2001. Franco presently has Landscape Contractor C27. We specialize in landscaping construction, maintenance and decking. Franco Landscaping & Maintenance  works directly with home owners. We greatly appreciate any opportunity to introduce our wok to you and we are happy to walk through a site with you send references and show you our portfolio. Call for more info or a quote on your current needs.

Full Service Maintenance: 
We will deliver quality, efficient and timely services, during the season assuring you get the most enjoyment out of your garden.
    Services include:
      . Weekly or bi weekly lawn mowing 
      . Spring cleaning and edging
      . Mulch installation
      . Weeding
      . Lawn care program
      . Fall leaf clean up
      . Organic treatment available 

 We can help you update your irrigation system by capping ineffective heads, adjusting nozzles or relocating obstructed sprinklers to help your landscape or to reflect the growth or changes of your garden or lawn area, we can also help manage your water use and keep water bills down.

Services include 
  . Start up of system 
  . season or periodic adjustment of watering program
  . expansion or improvement of system
  . Drip irrigation to planters
  . rain sensors
  . Controller

Commercial and residential Maintenance:
 since 2001 we have provided proffessional maintenace for homeowners association and residences.
Landscape installation 
seasonal and perenials color planting 
irrigation repair, upgrades and new installation
tree care, prunning, removing, planting and removing 
lawn care
pressure wash 
retaining walls